domingo, 31 de julho de 2016

Bustin' Melonz- Watch Ya Seeds Pop Out Continuum Records ‎– CDCTUM 9 CD, Album (1994)

01. Cross The Border
02. Nightstalkin'
03. Masquerade
04. Unchain My Mind (Ft. Master Rob)
05. Don't Big Up (Ft. Gravedigga & Special Ed)
06. Tooth 4 A Tooth
07. Walk Away
08. Flippin' Off The Tip
09. Under The Influence
10. 1994
11. Hold Ya Melon

quinta-feira, 28 de julho de 2016

Various- Big Apple Rappin' Soul Jazz Records ‎– SJR CD 125 2 × CD, Compilation (2006)

Cd 01

01. Spoonin' Rap
02. Sure Shot
03. How We Gonna Make The Black Nation Rise
04. Rapping Dub Style
05. Catch The Beat
06. Dancing Heart
07. Funk Box Party
08. Weekend

Cd 02

01. Big Apple Rappin'
02. D.J. Style
03. Fly Guys Rap
04. Get The Party Jumpin'
05. Rock The Beat
06. When You're Standing On Top
07. Are You Ready
08. The Ultimate Rap

domingo, 24 de julho de 2016

SOP- Styles Bok Bok Smoked Out Music ‎– SOP-910 Vinyl, 12 (1995)

01. Styles (Bonus Buds) (Clean)
02. Styles (Instrumental)
03. Styles (Acapella)
04. Styles (LP)
05. Bok Bok (Clean)
06. Bok Bok (Instrumental)
07. Bok Bok (Acapella)
08. Bok Bok (LP)

Black Attack- My Crown Correct Technique Rawkus ‎– RWK 147, Ghetto Gold Recordings ‎– RWK 147 Vinyl, 12 (1997)

01. My Crown (Clean)
02. My Crown (Dirty)
03. My Crown (Instrumental)
04. Correct Technique (Ft. Problemz) (Clean)
05. Correct Technique (Ft. Problemz) (Dirty)
06. Correct Technique (Instrumental)

Black Attack- Holdin' It Down Verbal Attack Correct Records ‎– 10208-2 CD, Single (1997)

01. Holdin It Down (Clean Version)
02. Holdin It Down (Dirty Version)
03. Holdin It Down (Instrumental)
04. Verbal Attack (Ft. Al' Tariq & Problemz) (Clean Version)
05. Verbal Attack (Ft. Al' Tariq & Problemz) (Dirty Version)
06. Verbal Attack (Instrumental)

sábado, 23 de julho de 2016

Home Team - Via Satellite From Saturn (CD-1992) 320

CD Lindo Demais, Somente o Armando Martins Tocou Esse
Arquivo, Inclusive, Segundo Informações, a Faixa Reminiscing
Foi Exclusividade Da Circuit Power Por 2 Anos, é Mole Ou Quer 
Mais?, o Cara Era Imbaçado!!!!!

Pick It Up
Via Satellite From Saturn
Get A Refill
Wild Style
Pass The Buddah
Back To The Bronx
The Hoodie
Home Team
Know The Flavor
Ruff Neck Bussiness
Alley Boy

Supreme Nyborn - Style (CD-1991) 320

By Circuit Power

What If I Was Serious
Do It Baby
I Love Them All
 It's Like That
Freak The Sax
Not The One To Dis
Can You Handle It
Born Don't Play That
The Uno
Put Me Down

Slick Rick - The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick (CD-1988) 320 + Flac

Pediram Pra Repostar Esse Belo Arquivo, Taí, Show De CD By
Circuit Power, Com Faixa Bonus Intrumental Rullers Back.

Treat Her Like A Prostitute
The Ruler's Back
Children's Story
The Moment I Feared
Let's Get Crazy
Indian Girl (An Adult Story)
Teenage Love
Mona Lisa
Kit (What's The Scoop)
Hey Young World
Teacher, Teacher
Lick The Balls
The Rulers Back (Instrumental Dub) Bonus Track

Link: By Circuit Power 320 New Link

K-9 Posse‎ - K-9 Posse (CD-1988) 320

CD Lindo By Circuit Power, A Faixa Instrumental Não Faz Parte Do
Arquivo, é Uma Faixa Bonus Aqui Da Casa.

This Beat Is Military
Ain't Nothin To It
Somebody's Brother
 It Gets No Deeper
No Stoppin Or Standin Between The Rhyme
Tough Cookie
Say Who Say What
This Is The Way The Quick Cut Goes
No Sell Out
Turn That Down
Say Who Say What  (Track Tv Instrumental) Bonus Track

Asher D. & Daddy Freddy - Ragamuffin Hip-Hop (CD-1988) 320

By Circuit Power

Ragamuffin Hip-Hop
Don't Stop, Do It
Posse Rock & Move
Rough & Rugged
Run Come Follow We
Aher's Revenge

Raw Soul- Raw Soul Soul Kids Productions ‎– 1212 Vinyl, 12, EP (1996)

01. Intro
02. Cyfer (Fresh Stuff)
03. Dialect
04. For All The Girls
05. That's How It Is
06. Are U Wid Me
07. Outro

sexta-feira, 22 de julho de 2016

Meen Green- Fat Sacks L.A.'s Finest Patchwerk Recordings ‎– PW 360, Patchwerk Recordings ‎– 0420-1 Vinyl, 12, Clear Green (1997)

01. Fat Sacks (Radio Version)
02. Fat Sacks (Album Version)
03. Fat Sacks (DJ Herb Chief Mix)
04. L.A.'s Finest (Ft. Mykill Miers) (Radio Version)
05. L.A.'s Finest (Ft. Mykill Miers) (Album Version)
06. L.A.'s Finest (Spliffstrumental)
07. Fat Sacks (Spliffstrumental)

Da Great Deity Dah- Cerebral Warfare Royal Alchemist Productions ‎– DAH799 Vinyl, 12, EP, 33 ⅓ RPM (1997)

01. Intro
02. Running Off With Your Cognitive Patterns
03. Coining Phrases
04. R.O.W.Y.C.P. (Instrumental)
05. R.O.W.Y.C.P. (Acapella)
06. Trapped In The Middle State (Purgatory)
07. Trapped In The Middle State (Purgatory)
08. The Day I Raped Hip-Hop (What A Dream)

Gauge- Insane Bring It To Me Phono Synthetic Productions ‎– PSR001 Vinyl, 12, 33 ⅓ RPM (1999)

01. Insane (Clean)
02. Insane (Dirty)
03. Insane (Instrumental)
04. Bring It To Me (Ft. Phantasm & Special Ed) (Clean)
05. Bring It To Me (Ft. Phantasm & Special Ed) (Dirty)
06. Bring It To Me (Ft. Phantasm & Special Ed) (TV Track)

Rezidue- Inner City Blues Database Productions ‎– DB-5002 Vinyl, 12, 33 ⅓ RPM (1997)

01. Inner City Blues (Radio Mix)
02. Inner City Blues (Jeep Mix)
03. Inner City Blues (Instrumental)
04. Dropin' Rezidue (Radio Mix)
05. Dropin' Rezidue (Jeep Mix)
06. Dropin' Rezidue (Instrumental)
07. Dropin' Rezidue (Accapella)

quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2016

Tainted Mindz- KilladelphiaAphilliated Records ‎– APH907Vinyl, 12 (1995)

01. Killadelphia (Radio Mix)
02. Killadelphia (Instrumental)
03. Forced To Take It (Radio Mix)
04. Forced To Take It (Instrumental)
05. Any Time Any Place

The Exmen- You Know My Steelo Life Aint Nothing But A Dream Exmen Entertainment ‎– EX2000 Vinyl, 12, 33 ⅓ RPM (1996)

01. You Know My Steelo
02. You Know My Steelo (Instrumental)
03. Life Ain't Nothing But A Dream
04. Life Ain't Nothing But A Dream (Instrumental)

Broadway- Will To Survive Shot Callas Entertainment ‎– SC 00456-1 Vinyl, 12 (1997)

01. Will To Survive (Radio)
02. Will To Survive (Instrumental)
03. Will To Survive (Street)
04. Will To Survive (TV)
05. Will To Survive (Broadway Pella)

domingo, 17 de julho de 2016

Poor Righteous Teachers - The New World Order (CD 1996) FLAC

Poor Righteous Teachers - Pure Poverty (CD-1991) FLAC

Poor Righteous Teachers - Holy Intellect (CD-1990) FLAC

Poor Righteous Teachers - Black Business (CD-1993) FLAC

Common - Can I Borrow A Dollar (CD-19XX) Reissue 320

01 - A Penny for My Thoughts
 02 - Charms Alarm
 03 - Take It EZ
 04 - Heidi Hoe
 05 - Breaker 19
06 - Two Scoops of Raisins
07 - No Defense
 08 - Blows to the Temple
09 - Just in the Nick of Rhyme
10 - Tricks up My Sleeve
11 - Puppy Chow
12 - Soul by the Pound
 13 - Pitchin' Pennies

Definite Vākashun 4-Suckas - The Great Chicago Fire (Single 12-1997) 320

01 - The Great Chicago Fire (Radio Edit)
03 - The Great Chicago Fire (Instrumental)
 04 - PERFECTION (Radio Edit)
05 - The Great Chicago Fire (Album Version)

Definite Vacation 4- Suckas - Blowing Up The Spot (Single 12-1996) Promo 320

01 - Blowing Up The Spot (Clean Edit)
02 - Blowing Up The Spot (Instrumental)
03 - The Legless Be The Legacy
04 - One Shot Two Shot

Lil Mac & DJ Trick - Nuff Tihsllub (CD-EP-1994) 320

 01 - Intro
02 - Welcome
03 - Kick It To Da Side
04 - TN Street Pimp
05 - Dear Mr Presley
 06 - Creepin
07 - Getz Bizzy
08 - M

Lil' Mac And D.J. Trick - What Ya Pumpin (CDS-1993) 320

01 - What Ya Pumpin (radio mix)
02 - What Ya Pumpin (extended radio mix)
03 - What Ya Pumpin (stupid mix)
 04 - What Ya Pumpin (jeep mix)
05 - What Ya Pumpin (party mix)

sábado, 16 de julho de 2016

Lil Mac & DJ Trick - Makin Love To Money (CD-1995) 320

01 - Intro
 02 - Welcome
03 - Pump Ya` Fist
04 - Makin` Love To Money
05 - Sexy Chocolate
 06 - TN Street Pimp
07 - Creepin`
08 - Kick It To The Side
 09 - Playa Hata
10 - Make The Ladies Say
11 - Dear Mr. Presley
12 - What If
13 - Surprise

Lil Mac & DJ Trick - Makin` Love To Money (Cassete-1995) 320

01 - Makin` Love To Money (album version)
02 - Makin` Love To Money (re-mix)

Just-Ice - Back To The Old School (Vinyl-1986) Promo 320

Atendendo Padido Do Paulo, Essa é a Faixa 12/12 Da Lista Da Rádio,
Vinyl Lindo By Circuit Power, Só Pedrada.

Cold Gettin' Dumb
Love Story
Back To The Old School
Gangster Of Hip Hop
Put That Record Back On
Turbo Charged

Big Steve Aka Granpappy Mafioso - My Testimony (CD-1999) 320

02- Outta Control
03- Mr. Pappy
04- Behind Closed Dozes
05- My BxTch
06- Give It To Me
07- Whatcha Got
08- Primetime Live
09- Skit
10- Body Rock
11- Left To Right
12- Do Dat ShxT
13- Ghetto Love
14- So Far To Go
15- Livin' Witness
16- Would You Forgive Me
17- Bad Dream Last Night


380 Dat Lady - A Day In The Life Of 380 Vol.1 (CD-1996) 320

01- Intro
02- Groove With Me
03- Who's That Lady
04- Electric Spanking Of A Texas Baby
05- All Night Long
06- Stayin True
07- Underground Suckers
08- Kap Peelin
09- Reminisce
10- Outro


2nd II None - Classic 220 (CD-1999) 320

01- Stragglaz
02- Up 'n Da Club Ft. AMG & DJ Quik
03- Don't U Hide It
04- Whateva U Want Ft. AMG & James Debarge
05- Make 'Em Understand Ft. Mausberg
06- Pawdy Ft. Playa Hamm
07- Back Up Off The Wall
08- Y
09- If U Ain't Fuckin'
10- Don't Do Dat
11- Princess Ft. James Debarge
12- Love U
13- Got A Nu Woman Ft. AMG, Hi-C, DJ Quik & Playa Hamm


sexta-feira, 15 de julho de 2016

La Rockco Tee - Sump'n Ta Bounce To / Big Booty Bitch (Single 12-1994) 320 + Flac

Taí Capa Do Disco Ainda Lacrado, Single De Peso Circuit Power, Mais
Uma Exclusiva No Blog Da Coqueluche De São Paulo, Fui Buscar la Fora
Essa Pedrada Sonora, Ripado By Dj Pantera 100% Quality.

Sump'n Ta Bounce To (LP Version)
Sump'n Ta Bounce To (Rider Version)
Sump'n Ta Bounce To (Instrumental)
Sump'n Ta Bounce To (Acappella)
Big Booty Bitch (LP Version)
Big Booty Trick (Radio Version)
Big Booty (Instrumental)
Big Booty (Acappella)

O.C.M. - Watch How You Slang (CDS-1994) 320 + Flac

By Circuit Power, Mais Um CDS Que Saiu Primeiro Daqui.

Watch How You Slang (Album Version)
Watch How You Slang (Slang That Song)
 Watch How You Slang (Slang That A Cappella)
Mental (Album Version)

terça-feira, 12 de julho de 2016

Eze T - The Destroyer / T Jazzy Regae (Single 12-1988) 320 + Flac

Lindo Disco, Carissimo Rapaziada, Ja Vi Nos Blogs Mas Esse é Do 
Meu Amigo Dj Pantera, Ripado e Remasterizado, 100% Quality, 
By Circuit Power, Esse Post é Pra Abalar Geral, Sente o Som.

The Destroyer
The Destroyer (Instrumental)
T Jazzy Regae
T Jazzy Regae (Instrumental)

Sylk Smoov - Klientele (Single 12-1991) 320 + Flac

Confesso Que Até Eu To Passando Mal Com Essas Postagens, Céloco
Manos, Só Pauladas Sonora, Single Exclusivo By Circuit Power, Cedido 
By Dj Pantera 100% Quality.

Klientele (Vocal)
Klientele (Instrumental)
Klientele (Remix)
Klientele (Remix Instrumental)

Jaybok The City Ace - My Masurati / Hip Hop Phenomenal (Single 12-1987) 320 + Flac

Mais Um Disco By Dj Pantera 100% Qaulity Para Circuit Power,
Só Marretadas Na Cuca.

My Masurati
Hip Hop Phenomenal
My Masurati (Instrumental)
Hip Hop Phenomenal (Instrumental)

Prime Time - He's Def / So Damn Tough (Single 12-1987) 320 + Flac

Exclusiva Circuit Power, Arquivo By Dj Pantera 100% Quality, Só
Os Peso Pesado Do Randon Rap, É Uma Melhor Que a Outra.

He's Def (Vocal)
So Damn Tough (Vocal)
He's Def (Instrumental)
So Damn Tough (Instrumental)

P.D.F. Crew - Do It / Drop The Bass (Single 12-1989) 320 + Flac

Meu Amigo Dj Pantera Falou Pra Arrebentar Nas Postagens, Então
Vamos Que Vamos, Só Marretas No Blog Circuit Power, Esse é Mais
Um Disco Rarissimo Na Rede, Exclusiva.

Do It
Do It (Instrumental)
Drop The Bass
Drop The Bass (Instrumental)

Bally Boys - Go For What You Know (Single 12-1987) 320 + Flac

Arquivo Cedido By Dj Pantera 100% Quality, Para Circuit Power,
Náo é Arquivo De Rede.

Go For What You Know (Vocal)
Go For What You Know (Instrumental)

segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2016

Mr. X - Any Ole Sunday (Single 12-1995) 224

By Circuit Power

Any Ole Sunday (Radio Edit)
Any Ole Sunday (Radio Edit II)
Any Ole Sunday (LP Version)
Any Ole Sunday (Instrumental)
Any Ole Sunday (Accapella)

Strictly Bizness - Call It What You Want / We're Strictly Bizness (Single 12-1988) 320 + Flac

Arquivo Cedido By Dj Pantera Para Circuit Power, Não é De Rede, Sente 
Só a Qualidade Dessa Belezura.

Call It What You Want
Call It What You Want (Instrumental)
We're Strictly Bizness
We're Strictly Bizness (Overdub)

domingo, 10 de julho de 2016

Magic Trick - Oh! Oh! Fly Guys (Single 12-1985) 320 + Flac

Arquivo Cedido By Dj Pantera 100% Quality Para Circuit Power, Esse 
Não é De Rede, Sente Só a Paulada Sonora, Pedido Do Wellington.

Oh! Oh! Fly Guys (Vocal)
Oh! Oh! Fly Guys (Instrumental)