terça-feira, 22 de março de 2016

Prince Rakim - Ooh I Love You Rakeem (EP-1991)

Dose Dupla Circuit Power

Ooh I Love You Rakeem
Ooh I Love You Rakeem (Instrumental)
Deadly Venoms
Sexcapades (DMD Mix)
Sexcapades (Wu Tang Mix)
Sexcapades (DMD Radio Mix)
Sexcapades (DMD Instrumental)
Sexcapades (Wu-Tang Instrumental Mix)

The Go Go Posse - D.C. Don't Stand For Dodge City (Single 12-1988)

By Circuit Power, Som Que Tocou Muito Na Antiga Band Fm.

D.C. Don't Stand For Dodge City (Radio)
D.C. Don't Stand For Dodge City (Club)
D.C. Don't Stand For Dodge City (Long Version)

MC-3 ‎- Rap-A-Holic / Please Be Mine (Single 12-1986)

Arquivo Muito Tocado Pela Circuit Power, Confira Aí...

Rap-A-Holic (Rap Version)
Rap-A-Holic (Instrumental)
Please Be Mine (Rap Version)
Please Be Mine (Instrumental)

segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2016

E.S.P. - Valoompadoom Pink (CD-1991)

By Circuit Power

Been A Long Time
Makin' Nat Green
Oh Well
Another Day At The Mall
We're Takin' Over
Freak Out
One, Two, An A
Valoompadoom Pink
Give Me The Night
Tell Me You Love Me
Free At Last

quinta-feira, 3 de março de 2016

Whistle - Transformation (CD-1988)

Arquivo Raro Nos Blogs, Gentilmente Cedido Pelo Nosso Amigo Edblack,
The King Of Melody, By Familia Circuit Power.

Falling in Love
Right Next to Me
Is This Love
Still My Girl
Mirror Of Love
Funky Now
The One and Only
Definitely Dope
And This Is True (Bonus Track)
Hello Skeezer (Bonus Tarck)

Kool Rock Jay - Street Life (CD-1992)

By Circuit Power

Street Life
Bitches In The 90's
Break Yourself (Feat. Seagram)
Mr. Slow Flow
Brothers Gotta Get A Grip
You Don't Hear Me Doe!