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sexta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2016

VA-We Got Alot (Vinyl-1993)

Randon Rap Rarissimo, By Circuit Power.

Wild Sniper - Catch A Wreck (Feat. Mighty Oxx)
X-Cess - Looking For Busta
K-Suite - Wind Me Up
Mighty Oxx - Watch Me Shine
Flipster - Guard Your Style
Mighty Oxx - Give It Up To Me (Feat. Wayne Hernandez)
X-Cess - Tell Me How You Feel (Feat. Nicole George)
Flipster - Styles That I Swing
X-Cess - Party Jumpin' (Feat. Mighty Oxx)
Wild Sniper - Addicted To A Dollar
5 Star Crew - Yo! We Got Alot