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terça-feira, 12 de maio de 2015

Gee Street - The Album (Vinyl-1988)

By Circuit Power

Goldtop - My Introduction
Richie Rich - My DJ (Pump It Up Some)
Jungle Brothers - Black Is Black
Outaw Posse - Dat Soul
Rumble And Strong - Crazy Jam
E.M.C. - Bad Stuff
Choice MC's - This Is The B Side
Stereo MC's - What Is Soul
Richie RichMeets The Jungle Brothers - I'll House You
T.G.G. Sherrif - Deep End
Queen Latifah - Princess Of The Posse
Richie Rich - Rockin On The Go-Go Scene
Queen Latifah - Inside Out
Jungle Brothers - I'm Gonna Do You
Stereo MC's - Move It