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terça-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2015

Black Wave (CD-2002)

Lançamento Circuit Power, Arquivo Pessoal, Repertório By Dj Marcelo
Santos, Bélissima Coletânea, é Só Conferir.

George Clinton Feat. Dazz Band - Ain´t Nuthin But a Jam Y´all
Tara Thomas - When You´re In Love
Digital Underground - Walk Real Kool
Kreuz - Keep On Groovin
Street Eagles - Good Times
Magnum Coltrane Prince - When Love Begins
Tina Hicks - Home
Donel Jones - Hope That It´s You
Alternative Experience Feat. Melanie - This Is Your Life
G. Groove - Ready Or Not
DMX - The Story
N2 Deep - Out Here Hustin