Exclusividade Circuit Power

segunda-feira, 10 de novembro de 2014

Mystidious Misfitss ‎- A Who Dat (CD-1995)

Album Porrada, Bela Postagem, Simplesmente Circuit Power.
Toquei Muito Nas Festas I Be (Buckwild Remix) Bate Sem Massagem.

I Be (Interlude)
I Be
Trix Of A Misfit
M.I. Crooked Letter
Streets, Avenues & Boulevards
A Touch Of Mush (Interlude)
Upside Down
Difficult Reality
Son Of Sam
Misfit Love
Who Dat (Interlude)
Nu Sounds
Tuning (Interlude)
Gimme The Boom
Hard Rock
What's The Password (Interlude)
Ooo Wee!
I Be (Buckwild Remix)
Open Your Eyes (Interlude)
Red Light
Infertile Spermicide (Interlude)
Upside Down (Digga Mix)

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