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segunda-feira, 10 de novembro de 2014

Ill Al Skratch - Creep Wit' Me (CD-1994)

Bélissimo CD Album, Esse é Pra Abrir a Semana Com Tudo,
Salve Salve Circuit Power, Abraço a Todos.

They Got Love for Us
Where My Homiez (Come Around My Way)
This Is for My Homiez
I'll Take Her (Feat.Brian McKnight)
Chill With That
Where My Homiez (Come Around My Way) Dub Version
Creep Wit' Me
Get Dough
The Brooklyn Uptown Connection (Feat. LRC, Zoundwavez & Mark Sparks)
Classic Shit (Ill's Sold)
Summertime (It's All Good) Al's Sold 
I'll Take Her Back (Brian's Flow) Feat. Brian McKnight

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