sábado, 19 de julho de 2014

Classics Rap Vol 01 (CD-1996)

Mais Uma Super Coletânea Rara Nos Blogs, Cópia Original
Do CD, Novidade By Circuit Power.

Gucci Man - Me & You (Gettin' It On)
Lonzo - Funky Chicken
Salt 'N' Pepa - My Mike Sounds Nice (Instrumental)
Ronny Jordan - Come With Me
Eze T - Jazzy Reggae
Audio Two - Get You Mother Off The Crack (Instrumental)
Double Delight & DJ Slice Nice - Leave Me This Way
Lord Finesse - Track The Movement (Instrumental)
U.S.A. Breakers - This Beat Is Hard
Alliance - We Could Get Used To This (Instrumental)
Fresh Gordon - Feelin' James (Long Version)
King Sun & D-Moet - Hey Love
Silk & Lace - Big Girls Don't Cry (Instrumental)

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)