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sábado, 30 de agosto de 2014

Illegal - Back In The Day (Single 12-1993)

Atendendo Mais Um Pedido Dos Amigos Da Circuit Power.
Single Raro Nos Blogs, Vou Ficar Devendo a Faixa Percapella.

Back In The Day (Rowdy Main Mix)
Back In The Day (Radio Edit)
Back In The Day (Accapella Mix)
Back In The Day (Extended Instrumental)
Back In The Day (Album Mix)
Stick 'Em Up

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)

Lin Que - Let It Fall (SES Remix) (Single 12-1995)

Mais Uma Super Porrada De Lin Que, Single Com Vocal De Mulher,
Ainda Não Vi o Irmão Desse Nos Blogs, Novidade By Circuit Power.

Let It Fall (SES Remix) Feat. Da Brat
Let It Fall (SES Remix Instrumental)

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)

Uzi Bros - Kick That Thang! (Vinyl-1990)

Album Raro Nos Blogs, Tocou Muito Na Zimbabwe, By Circuit Power.

Intro (Vocal)
People Get Funy (When It Comes To Money)
Kick That Thang
We Got Mo Soul
In The Rain
Make Up Your Mind
On The Boardwalk
There's a Riot Jumpin'Off
Gangster Grip
Playin' Your Game
People Make The World Go Round
Hip House
Nothin But a Gangster

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)

Soul II Soul ‎- Club Classics (CD1-1989)

Taí Mais Um Belo CD Colection By Circuit Power (Repostado).

Keep On Movin'
Fairplay (Feat. Rose Windross)
Holdin' On (Bambelela)
Feeling Free (Live Rap)
African Dance
Feel Free (Feat. Do'Reen)
Happiness (Dub)
Back To Life (Accapella)
Jazzie's Groove

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)

quinta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2014

Lin Que - Let It Fall / Par Ley (Single 12-1995) Promo

Single Raro Nos Blogs, By Circuit Power (Pedido).

Let It Fall (LP Version)
Let It Fall (Instrumental)
Let It Fall (Acappella)
Par Ley (LP Version)

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)

Gang Green - I'll Murder You (Single 12-1995)

By Circuit Power

I'll Murder You (Original)
I'll Murder You (Radio)
I'll Murder You (Instrumental)
 I'll Murder You Remix (Feat. Onyx)
I'll Murder You Remix (Radio) Feat. Onyx
I'll Murder You Remix (Instrumental)

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)

Darkman - Worldwide (Vinyl-1994)

By Circuit Power

Who's The Darkman
Brand New Day (I'm No Puppet)
Yabba Dabba Doo
What's Not Yours
She Used To Call Me
Worldwide Ting
What Is Hardcore
Come Wit The Funk
Flip Da Script
Hot & Cold

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)
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