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domingo, 20 de julho de 2014

House Of Pain - Shamrocks And Shenanigans (Single 12-1992)

Arquivo Porrada, Som De Meio Baile By Circuit Power.

Shamrocks And Shenanigans (LP Version)
Shamrocks And Shenanigans (Muggs Main Mix)
Shamrocks And Shenanigans (Muggs Instrumental)
Shamrocks And Shenanigans (Butch Vig Mix)
Shamrocks And Shenanigans (Salaam Main Pass)
Put Your Head Out (LP Version)

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)

Boss – Run, Catch & Kill (Single 12 -1994) Promo

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)

Boss - I Don`t Give A Fuck (Single 12-1992)

By Circuit Power (Repostado)

I Don`t Give A Fuck
I Don`t Give A Fuck (Instrumental)
Mai Sista Izza Bitch (Feat. A.M.G.)

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)

Rita Lane - The Party's Live (Single 12-1987)

Taí Clássico Dos Grandes Bailes, Bons Tempos Do Asa De Sto. Amaro,
Diamante Cor De Rosa, Black White Dentre Outros, By Circuit Power.
Vinyl Porrada Produzido Por Marley Marl (Repostado)

Hold Tight (Dub)
Hold Tight (Vocal)
Just Want To Be Your Love (Dub)
Just Want To Be Your Love (Vocal)
The Party's Live (Dub)
The Party's Live (Vocal)

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)

Dres The Black Sheep - Special Edition Limited Vinyl (1997)

Taí Mais Uma Super Porrada, Bate Sem Massagem By Circuit Power

Grand Groove
New York City Niggas
Night Time (Feat. Vicki Miles)
Sky'S The Limit (Feat. Chi Ali & The Legion)
You'Re So Vain (Feat. Horace Brown)
Crazy World
Hi & Lo (Shohn Father Don)
Tru Kings
Damn Right (Feat. Fat Joint)
Sugar N Spice

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)
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