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domingo, 21 de setembro de 2014

Blvd Boyz ‎– Off Da Head (Single 12 -1994)

Link: By Circuit Power (192 Kbps)

Natural Elements - The EP (EP-1994)

Paulada Sonora Esse EP, Natural Elements, o Peso Pesado Do Rap
Gangsta, a faixa 3 é Imbaçada, By Circuit Power.

Cock It Back (Feat.G. Blass)
Live The Life (Feat.L. Swift)
Step To The Side (Feat. Char, G. Blass, Intimidator, L. Swift & Mr. Voodoo)
I Mean This (Feat. KA)
69 Caddy (Feat. Intimidator)
Set It Off (Feat. Charlemagne)

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)

Chris Styles - Mortal Combat (EP-1995)

By Circuit Power

Mortal Combat
Special Remedy
Dreams Of Torture
Rich Girl
 Play With Me (Instrumental)
You Never Know

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)

Bonafide - Entering The Combat Zone (EP-1995)

By Circuit Power, Porrada Sonora.

Keep On
Stick Or Sting
3 Schools Of Thought
Entering The Combat Zone
Spectacles Of Fear
Crime Don`t Discriminate

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)

sexta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2014

Another Scam (EP-1993)

Fechando Essa Sexta Feira Co Estilo,Taí Uma Novissima By Circuit
Power, Arquivo Ripado e Editado By Alexandre_Circuit Power.

Flow Asylum - Pump It In Your Back Trunk
Da Grip  - Hop Off The Bandwagon
M.C. Slice - Bitch Ass Niggaz
Brothers In Charge - Don't Try To Step To This
Devious - Skinz Ain't What They Used To Be

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)
Link: By Circuit Power (Flac)

Puppets Of Chaos ‎- Tru Dat / New & Improved (Single 12-1995)

Porrada Circuit Power, Som Não Recomendado á Cardíacos rsss.

Tru Dat (Street Mix)
Tru Dat (Clean)
Tru Dat (Instrumental)
New & Improved (Street Mix)
New & Improved (Clean)
New & Improved (Instrumental)

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)

Amp Boogie - Gotta Git On The (EP-1994)

E Dando Sequência Nas Pauladas, Taí Mais Um Super EP Porrada,
Black Music De Prima, Bem Ao Estilo Circuit Power.

Bluntly Speaking (LP Version)
Out There (LP Version)
Wanna Battle
Maintain (LP Version)

Link: By Circuit Power (320 Kbps)
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